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This international conference is dedicated to research and practices on natural and human-impacted large rivers, in particular functioning, changes and processes, interface and interactions, management policies, engineering.
The I.S.Rivers conference concentrates on the state of art management strategies and lessons learned from individual case studies. Particular consideration is given to the integration of physical, ecological and social perspectives of the different stakeholders involved in river management (governance, economy, culture), which is reflected in the title of the conference ("Integrative Sciences for rivers").
The ambition of I.S. Rivers
  • To identify and discuss the most recent scientific advances regarding complexity and diversity of rivers, in particular functioning, ecological services, stakeholder involvement and management strategies;
  • To share experiences of research and practices, implementation of local policies at different scales with various human and geographical contexts: hydrographic districts, corridors, large cities, transition zones and estuaries.
  • To gather together highly skilled professionals from various domains, in order to promote knowledge transfer between scientists, river managers, consultants, residents and varied users.
  • To stimulate European and international collaborations between scientists and river managers for the purpose of improving decision support and practices.
The International Office for Water is a partner of this event.