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"Mr. Teodoro Estrela Monreal, Head of the Hydrological Planning Office of the Júcar River Basin Authority (CHJ) in Valenica (Spain), was appointed new Permanent Technical Secretary of MENBO by Ms. María Ángeles Ureña, President of the CHJ.
CHJ hosts the head office of the MENBO Secretariat since the creation of the network in the year 2002. Following the statutes of the network the position of the Secretary of MENBO is represented by the associated organisation where the MENBO secretariat is located: the CHJ (Articles 18 and 15).
The former Permanent Technical Secretary of MENBO, Mr. Javier Ferrer Polo, has left this position and was appointed new Water Commissary of the Júcar River Basin Authority. MENBO members and secretariat thank him for his successful work in the last years and we are looking forward to further collaborate with him in the future."