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Toward a Joint Management of Transboundary Aquifer Systems

The aim of the present Methodological Guidebook is to deepen our knowledge of such groundwater systems, fostering a collaborative, equitable and sustainable management of these resources. It first recalls the main issues at stake regarding transboundary aquifers and the need for a more comprehensive approach based on IWRM principles. It then describes some existing tools that can help in improving our knowledge and management of these precious resources; this includes technical, legal, organizational and economic tools, as well as training and cooperation tools. Finally, it proposes a progressive, multi-pronged approach for implementing the collaborative, equitable and sustainable management of transboundary aquifer systems. It also takes a look at the potential mechanisms for creating and sustainably operating an appropriate institutional structure to manage these shared groundwater resources.
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Publication/Handbook of the network
Guide méthodologique réalisé par l’Académie de l’eau, le Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BRGM), l’Office international de l’eau (OIEau) et l’UNESCO