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The Sourcebook on Africa's River Basin Organizations (RBO) volume 1 draft has been produced by Warner Consultants Ltd of Kampala Uganda as a desk study on behalf of African Network of Basin Organizations (ANBO), African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW) and GTZ. It provides a comprehensive compendium of information on Africa's River Basin Organizations which are international bodies that run the river organizations.
The information is given in fact sheet specifically designed and structured to capture information ranging from administrative aspects of the organizations to development of member states and stakeholders. Some scanty information on Africa's Trans-Boundary aquifers is also available.
The Sourcebook is intended to facilitate sharing of experience, learning from each other and information exchange among RBOs. In turn this is expected to enhance effectiveness and performance of the organizations ultimately resulting in the realization of equitable and sustainable utilization of basin resources. The sourcebook should be continuously updated if it is to achieve those noble goals. All water sector planners, managers and users in the various organizations are requested to study the sourcebook and submit corrections and/or additions to the authors through GTZ.
Finally the sourcebook should provide a compendium of data on Africa's hydrologeological basins to facilitate better knowledge and improved governance of the basins leading to Integrated Water Resources Management on the continent for the benefit of all.
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