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This booklet summarizes the key-findings and recommendations of the EC FP6 project RISKBASE
The booklet is - free of charge - downloadable via:
The primary target audience of RISKBASE are river-basin managers. Although RISKBASE focussed on the European situation, with European Water Framework Directive as most most prominent policy driver for river-basin management, I believe that the RISKBASE findings may also be of interest for non-European river-basin managers.
The most prominent recommendation of RISKBASE to river-basin managers is:
"Develop a network of more well designed, coordinated and monitored 'learning catchments', that are, amongst others, aimed at a stepwise improvement of the effectiveness of measures. Apply in these catchments the three key-principles to risk-based management: be well informed, manage adaptively and take a participatory approach. This is needed to transform our general framing and develop best practice."
More recommendations (also to policy makers, research funders as well as scientists) are available in the booklet.