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The kick-off meeting of the Bali World Water Forum was held in Jakarta on 15-16 February, bringing together over 1400 participants, including experts, policy makers and civil society representatives. The event was organised to discuss water management issues worldwide in preparation for the 10th World Water Forum to be held in May 2024 in Bali, Indonesia.

The World Water Forum 2024, with the theme "Water for Shared Prosperity", will aim to provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge, generate political commitment and present solutions to global water challenges. With water at the centre of achieving shared prosperity, it is crucial to address the impacts of climate change and work together for a sustainable future.

Participants discussed the need to find innovative solutions to water management challenges, including water scarcity, water pollution and climate change, through political, thematic and regional processes. They also exchanged best practices in water management in order to develop effective strategies to improve access to water for the most vulnerable populations. INBO brought its ideas and initiatives during these exchanges, in particular Integrated Water Resources Management at the level of basins, as a solution for better water management and supported by the Dakar Action Plan and by the Water & Nature Declaration.

In his closing speech, Eric Tardieu, INBO Secretary General and Vice-President of the World Water Council, underlined the importance of basin organizations in contributing to peace and sustainable development: "Their role is to take an interest in the economic value of water sharing to contribute to their own development. This is linked to shared prosperity, the theme of the 10th World Water Forum. The mobilisation for the Dakar Action Plan must be extended, especially in Asia where signatures are still few!"

The World Water Forum is one of the most important events in the field of water, bringing together stakeholders from all regions of the world to discuss water management challenges and develop solutions to improve access to and management of this vital resource. The discussions and recommendations from the World Water Forum in Bali in 2024 will be essential to guide public policies, investments and development initiatives to ensure effective and equitable water management for all.