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The Meeting of the Parties reviewed progress achieved in the Convention’s implementation and past activities. Delegates addressed a wide variety of topics including supporting accession to and implementation of the Convention; assessing the benefits of transboundary water cooperation; promoting climate change adaptation in a transboundary context; assessing the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus in transboundary basins or improving water governance through the National Policy Dialogues under the European Union Water Initiative.

An ambitious programme of work for 2019-2021 was adopted in Astana including a new programme area on ‘facilitating financing of transboundary water cooperation’. The Meeting of the Parties also adopted a new strategy for the implementation of the Water Convention at global level that aims to strengthen cooperation and partnerships for the management of transboundary waters worldwide in order to promote sustainable development, peace and security.


The meeting brought together around 600 participants from nearly 90 countries. More than 15 countries from outside the Pan-European region announced their interest to ratify the Water Convention.


An ambitious programme of work for 2019-2021 was adopted as well as a new strategy for the implementation of the Water Convention at global level.

The meeting saw the launch of the first report on implementation of the Convention

The launch of three other new publications :



Kick-starting Transboundary Cooperation: Establishing sound institutional and legal frameworks (Friday 12 October, 8.30-9.45 am)
 - Program


Hot topic: Sharing experiences on climate change adaptation in transboundary basins (Thursday 11 October, 1.30-2.45 pm)

- Program


10 october 2018 :

High-level  segment:  Transboundary  water  cooperation  -  Sharing  water  for  people, planet, prosperity and peace
Part 1 :  Transboundary water cooperation and water allocation: preventing conflict and ensuring peace and stability
Part 2 :  Sharing waters in the context of growing water scarcity – how can transboundary water cooperation make a difference?


11-12 october 2018 :

A rich agenda including:


  • Launch of the first report on the implementation of the Water Convention
  • Review  of  progress  of  transboundary  water  cooperation  at  the  global  level,  based on SDG indicator 6.5.2
  • Globalization   of   the   Convention   and   progress   in   accession   outside   the   Pan-European region
  • Adoption  of  a  strategy  for  the  implementation  of  the  Convention  at  the  global  level
  • Benefits of transboundary water cooperation
  • Water and adaptation to climate change
  • Water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus  in transboundary basins
  • Adoption of the Convention’s new programme of work for 2019-2021